Monday, April 27, 2009

A new addition to our team.

It was a case of denial and ignorance. Ignorance on my part in that I have been too absorbed in my own work & drama to notice that Sandy was growing ever so slowly, and Sandy had been swimming in the waters of denial for some time, never believing the facts until she saw the undeniable results of her sonogram the amazing fact that after all these years….we have a baby on the way!!!
She told me later that night after apologies for not telling me sooner. At our age, she has concerns and didn’t want to get our hopes up. This I could understand, but after realizing that her own mother gave birth to Sandy at the same age, this all sounds of little worry to me now and I just keep her focused on the prize at the end of the 9 month highway.
She wanted to wait until after the 1st trimester to clear before telling our families & friends, and after the results of the sonogram came in we found that she was farther along than expected…15 weeks! So now that we have cleared that milestone it’s on with the good news.
We couldn’t be more surprised and excited as we had all but put the idea of kids out of our heads, but here we are with a little pooper on the way and big, big changes on the horizon for us.
We do indeed feel blessed.


Anonymous said...

You know how happy I was, I think about it most of the time, I cannot believe my "BabyBoy" is going to be a daddy.

You both will be great parents


Kathy said...

Oh Wow! I'm sooo happy for ya'll! What a blessing for you and all of your family. Keep us up to date and love each other more than ever. Love, Kathy

Dana Sipper said...

Congratulations to you both, that is such fabulous news! Much love & happiness to you both as you wait the arrival of your little one.