Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chasing Mickey

OK folks, so I know it's been quite a while since our last post. All will be explained later but, long story short, were on a photographic hiatus due to the baby, jobs, and a potential move....more on that at another time. ;-)

...So we went to Disneyland today on a specific mission to get a maternity picture of Sandy with Mickey Mouse. This is all in a bigger scheme to get photos of the baby with Mickey as she grows. So we get to Main street and wait mickey out at a location that we know he will be at, we just didn't know when. Amazingly, he came out within 10 minutes and we were 3rd in line to meet him. Sandy set's up the pose we mickey and I was about to shoot when who steps in but Donald Duck. Normally this would be totally awesome to get the 2 biggest Disney characters with her, but that dam* duck ruined our plans! Still pleased with the photo and amazed to see Donald on Main street for only the 2nd time in 5 years.

We worked on plan B, to find him at his house in Toon Town. Long story short, those pictures just plain sucked. We then went on with another mission to get a Captain Jack pirate hat for tomorrow's pirate themed baby shower (?) and on our way we ran in to our favorite punk rock family. Cristy and John are friends from a great bygone era of mine and it is always great to see them and catch up.

On our way back up Main street we lucked right into meeting Mickey exactly where we left him. This time without Donald. Back in line we went and we we got the planned photo! 2.5 hours later and it happens to be the same actor in the costume because he remembered us. So now we have what is probably Sandy's last planned maternity shot and baby Zowie's first picture with Mickey.