Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jaclyn & Gino!!!!

I failed to mention in my previous post that I did not get out of the hospital until the morning of Jacklyn & Gino's wedding. Thankfully they had a late afternoon wedding, and what an eventful day it was!
Jacklyn & Gino have been together as long as I have known them and have been together longer than Sandy & I despite them being (NEARLY!) 1/2 our ages. They are an incredibly fun and ambitious couple and we had such a good time celebrating their wedding day as well as shooting it.
The original plan was for an outdoor wedding, but this got rained-out. The wedding and reception was at the Reef in Long Beach,who were able to relocate the wedding indoors. This turned-out to work quite well and the rest of the day went-off without a hitch.


If I ever had any doubts about my commitment to getting-in to professional wedding photography, they were wiped-out this past week in a very dramatic way..
Over the past few weeks (especially that last two) I had been feeling more and more tired and thirsty all the time. So much so that I was flaking on photographic commitments in favor of sleeping and zoning-out. I thought I was depressed or burnt-out on the idea of making this a business and escape from the 9-5 world. As last week progressed I simply could barely stay awake and focused. I thought I had some viral infection that I needed antibiotics for and would have to wait it out. I took Thursday off to simply sleep as I was so exhausted. I tried to see my Doc, but couldn't get an appointment until the following Monday (today). At 1st I thought I'd just wait it out, but I had a wedding to shoot on the following Saturday and it was becoming obvious that there was no way I could do this in my condition and that I had to see a doctor ASAP.

Long story short...I made Sandy take me to the hospital was quickly diagnosed ketoacidosis from diabetes (had no clue about this) and hospitalized for two nights. Had I waited any longer I might have ended-up in a diabetic coma or worse!

So now I'm dealing with the fact that I'll be packing insulin at least for the next several months...not pretty, but it could have been way worse. I can deal with this and hope to wean myself to at least a Type-2 state of diabetes (oral medication) at some later time and I am motivated to do this and eat waaay! healthier and exercise more regularly and more vigorously.

The staff at the hospital gave me excellent care and I am sooooooo grateful to have medical insurance. As I was feeling so much better by mid-Friday I begged the doctor to discharge me ASAP so that I could shoot Saturday's wedding. He assured me he would and followed-through, assuring me that I would be OK for this. I was very, very close to seeking a replacement photographer. I knew that a good shooter could have been found, but thank God I was able to make this myself. I asked a friend to act as an assistant whom I hoped would do a reasonable job with my technical direction, but he exceeded my expectations and allowed me time to sit and relax whenever I needed with (almost) full trust that he would get great candids for me. I concentrated on portraits before & after the ceremony as well as the ceremony and was free to shoot when & where I wished thanks to Sandy, and Chris!

The wedding went incredibly well despite a little rain and I am forever grateful to the couple, Jacklyn & Gino for choosing us. Being motivated to get better for this wedding may have saved my life.
See the next post about them.
Thank you all of my family & friends for the prayers & well-wishes.