Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo of the day 5/29/08

This image was shot at Medieval Times in Buena park on birthday outing for our friend Linda.
This guy looks just like my friend Brent, who's wedding we will be shooting soon.
Anyway, I like this picture and love this horse. So there you go!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New feature - Photo of the day

I read a story recently about a guy who shot a Polaroid a day for over 22 years, until his death. This made me think that I should endeavor to do something similar, so here goes.

I have decided to start a feature here, a photo of the day.
This will be a nealy daily feature in which I pick a random image to show.
These could be old pics, new pics, old pics with a new technique, new pics with an old technique, etc.

Today I have pick 3 images, why? because the 1st image reminded me to start this very project 'cuz the picture is just cute. The second image was shot at the same party, celebrating our friend Jackie's college graduation and who's wedding we''ll be shooting later this year. It's a cute image too & I cannot leave this out after showing the image of her nieces at the same party.
Congraduations, Jackie....were looking forward to the wedding.

Jackie getting her drink on.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Testing a new toy

One of my favorite sites to visit isThe Strobist, a blog about minimalist lighting using only camera strobes (as opposed to more expensive, less portable studio lights).
The blof features many how-to articles on how to achieve various techniques on a budget. This is a must see site for anyone involved in photography at all.
One article that I read recently detailed how to build your own 'Beauty dish' for $15 with items purchased from Home Depot. This immediately made a fan of me and I was hooked into doing this myself. I won't go into the hardware specifics, you can read them here. I'll just say that despite some minor variances, I pulle dthis off very well and am loving the results.
I took this to a friend's party recently to test it out...while this is simply too dorky to carry around by hand, and not terribly professional looking, it does a great job & I will definately keep using this for is what it looks like....

...and here are some images shot with it so far...

The bears in a Guns-n-Roses vibe

Sandy lookin' cute

Me, lookin heavily photoshopped...

...Cute girl and unknown musician friend ;-)

Little Owen chows down..

Would you eat this man's cooking?

What's in that bottle?