Monday, September 8, 2008

Radio Poppers & new pics

A few weeks back, I recieved my long-awaited Radio Popper flash kit.
I have been following Kevin King's posts on the OSP forums for at least a year now since he started promoting his then new product idea. What he has done is improve on Canon's great, but limited remote flash triggering system and convert the optical pulse signal into a radio signal. This stuff is much better explained on the Radio Popper web site, so I won't kill you with the details. The end result is I can now place my flashes anywhere I wish; behind walls, outside at sunset, anywhere! and shoot in TTL mode, meaning that lysdexic me doesn't have to worry about guide numbers and subject to distance rations and the like.
In a nutshell...these things kick ass! there are two things I don't like about them;
You'll have to start with a fresh battery before any wedding, or bring a screwdriver to change you battery due to the hokey housing that requires you to un-screw the cover to replace the flash. Also, you have to tape the receiving wire's "bead" in fromt of the flashes optical receiver, this is a must to place the bead here, but in my 1st wedding gig with these babies, I had to keep re-setting the placement to adjust for various light modifiers that I use. I found a cool solution to this problem, so my next gig should be easier.
That being said...I love these babies and cannot recommend them strongly enough.

I used them on two more recent shoots. One of which was for our friend's new baby (Amy & Jose-b) is our fave:

I also shot a portrait of a classmate for a project recently. I told him I wanted something urban, he delivered by showing me an abandoned restaurant in Mission Viejo that is cover in graffiti on the inside. I will defiantly use this place again.
Here are two faves so far:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[b]usine$$ [b]uilding

Some of you who know me know that I am a fan of many photographers in the wedding industry as well as others. One shooter who's openness in sharing his business secrets with others is truly amazing has been building an online community for photographers called the [b] school. This is created by the one & only Becker. You will recall him from some of my previous posts (I'm gonna make you look for them ;-)). Anyhow, He has been building-up hype for this project with videos, links and general miscellanea about the business for the past year that has been very beneficial for me in building confidence in our capabilities. I have gotten to the point where I am almost angry if he misses a day of posting. Well, the [b] School is going live next month (Oct. 1st)and I HIGHLY suggest that any photographer, new or experienced, to sign up and give it a try. Please follow the link below for more information.

On a slightly related note regarding business building, I will be updating my site and plan to have it launched by November 9th. Why this date? This date marks 1 year since my Dad passed away.
This past year has been very difficult for me and my family and I chose to back-off of our photography to grieve & help out with family duties, but from here on I am ready to take-on more and get this ball rolling.
My dad was always a business entrepreneur and would be incredibly excited to see Sandy & I following our dream with our photography business.
It is in his honor that I will do whatever it takes to make this business a success and I will launch on November 9th to celebrate the my Dad's life and bring some light to an otherwise gloomy day.

Stay tuned...